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A podcast devoted to the strategy board game and wargame hobbies, with some video game, book, and movie discussion as well.


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Does Mike like Advanced Squad Leader?  Does Marshall like Advanced Squad Leader? Do either one of them know how to play Advanced Squad Leader? Who is their favorite wargame designer? How much did Mike's copy of The Devil's Cauldron sell for? Who has awesome Youtube videos? How do you pronounce Sekigahara?


Listen to find out.  

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Mike and Marshall return to plunge their knives into you at hell's behest.  Their fruit is finally falling down, and the Harvester is free.

Hex and counter discussion pits Fading Glory against Stalingrad Pocket (II).  Some dumb Godzilla game with player elimination.  Ankh-Morpork.  The game to end all games that isn't a wargame, Spartacus.  The Tide at Sunrise.  New video games including Bioshock Infinite and obscure Japanese games.  Mike and Marshall finally find something they completely agree on, Gamestop SUCKS.  Gaming at a gas station.  New game store in Winchester, VA that isn't a gas station.  OCS and The Blitzkrieg Legend.  Bloody April.  Chuck Klosterman (or as Marshall says, Cloisterman).  Charles Dickens.  Crying at work.  Cannibalism.

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Mike and Marshall talk about Space Empires 4x, Cards Against Humanity, Advanced Squad Leader, and some other stuff.  They argue about the decline of GMT and the rise of MMP (at least in one man's mind).  Their thoughts on infidelity.  And more.

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In this episode Mike and Marshall go in-depth with MMP's No Question of Surrender.  And yes, someday they will play The Devil's Cauldron.

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In depth discussion of MMP's Grand Tactical Series games, focusing on No Question of Surrender.  Plus Galaxy Trucker, Loopin Louie, Hammer of the Scots vs Richard III, and Song of Ice and Fire spoilers.

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Because you demanded it, another episode of the Messy Game Room.  In-depth look at Dungeons and Dragons.

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Listening to The Messy Game Room is like walking through a minefield.  You never know with each step if you're going to get erudite gaming talk about Through the Ages, The Russian Campaign, Blood Bowl Team Manager, Ankh-Morpork, Panzer Grenadier Road to Berlin, and Rattlesnake; or rambling about The Maryland Deathfest, Leinenkugel Summer Shandy, Ringworld, Fahrenheit 451, A Song of Ice and Fire, Breaking Bad, Electric Wizard, The Sword, Marshall being lame and not going to see The Sword, Mike's sexy neighbors, and more!

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"Love is murder, murder is love, I'm a rock'n'roll hoodlum with a black leather glove. Knock me down, baby, step on my face, I'm a fool for ya baby, let's blow up this place."


And Advanced Squad Leader.  Starter Kit.

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A frightening decent into deranged minds.  Rampant, intoxicatingly beautiful, this latest slab of the almighty Messy Game Room will make you a believer.  Or at least make you never want to listen again.

Games they talk about:  Eclipse (it sucks); Warriors of God (it's really good, still); Breakthrough Cambrai; Dixit 3 (or whatever it's called); Sun of York; Advanced Squad Leader (haven't played it); Cash 'n Guns; Mission to Mars; Long Shot; King Phillip's War; and more (I think).

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